Abiola Ajimobi: Tribute to One of the Finest Men Ibadan Has Ever Produced || Adams Adebayo Yusuf

It’s exactly 4 years today. Your Excellency Senator Abiola Ajimobi went to rest in the blossom of Almighty Allah after serving him on earth from day one till you gave up your last breath.

You rose from grass to grace; your life is worthy of emulation, having grown from Oja’Oba, having elementary education in Ibadan, and reaching the peak of the pyramid in your private career. You had a great impact on the lives of many who were opportune to know you directly, and many great individuals benefit from your good deeds indirectly.

As Senator, you gave life to many with your vocational training centre at Oke’ado. The skills they got there propel many to what they bank on today, which is putting food on their table.

You are an achiever even in death. I love your courage, spirit, and passion. It was one of my proudest moments when you became Oyo State Governor in 2011. In 2007, I was a teenager unable to cast a vote, but having seen your poster, composure, and the aura God gifted you, I became your ardent follower and supporter. When you became governor, you served the state meritoriously; you put zeal and passion into restoring the lost glory of the pacesetter state.

You came, you saw, and you conquered; you will be forever remembered as the architect of modern Oyo State, Mr. Security, and many of your policies have been outlived.

Your demise is a big loss for us who believe in your leadership prowess; your death is a big injury for Oyo APC and the progressive, and I pray that this year’s remembrance heals the wound. Your death created a huge vacuum. I’m very sure, and I pray that in 2027 you will be proud to see one of your products take over to govern the state.

It’s my prayer that Almighty Allah, in his infinite mercy, grant you peaceful rest and comfort you in all your present states, and I pray to Almighty God to keep being with the family you left behind and to strengthen our Matriarch Chief, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, for a very long time.

Rest on Leader

Adams Adebayo Yusuf
Ibadan Northwest

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