Alágbàká2025: A Make Or Mar Decision || Ayọ̀bámi B. Uthman

Ondo State is LUCKY! Indeed, providence has smiled on the Sunshine State to have had two sons of Ìlàjẹ extraction compete for the seat of the numero uno who will occupy the Alágbàká Government House come 2025. The choice is before us to make as a people, of experiencing a new era in governance architecture that is people-centric, purpose-driven, and result-oriented, or a mar choice that will eventually usher in a leadership with deliverable deficiency.

In the history of Ondo State, and despite the prominent and pivotal role the Ìlàjẹ clan offers to the State as a whole, this is the first time aborigin son of the soil would either occupy the seat of power of the State or have near-possibility to so do. The incumbent Governor Lucky Aiyédatiwa today occupies the seat of government by sheer providence – a corollary of the death of his boss and leader, late Arákùnrin Olúwarótìmí Ọdúnayọ̀ Akérédolú, the former governor of the state. He therefore has just a year or thereabout to complete the Àkétì/Aiyédatiwa ticket. If he offers himself for another stewardship upon completion of the current term in office, he can only spend only one more term of just 4 years as his current sway would have been deemed a first term in the eye of the law, and despite completing the Àkétì/Aiyédatiwa ticket.

However, the candidacy of Chief Olúṣọlá Alexander Òkè (SAN) provides a huge opportunity for the Ìlàjẹs to produce an occupier that will spend a two-term of 8 years at a stretch. His coming back this time around may have been divine. His intention to run for the office of the governor is a celestial benison, not only for the Ìlàjẹs, but the entire Ondo State as a whole. A man with proven antecedents and unblemished, sterling records in public and private spaces is a blessing to the bitumen State and her people.

The current situation presents before us as a people – a make or mar decision. To the Ìlàjẹs, you have a choice of a 5-year candidate in Aiyédatiwa, with no visible record of performance, as can be obvious with his current performance where governance is on AWOL; or an Òkè-led government of 8 possible years of impactful leadership, measurable milestones, and people-oriented deliverables.

To the delegates in the forthcoming All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial primaries, I write to appeal to your conscience to allow for reasoning to prevail in our choice. We have a state to develop. We have a people currently yearning for true governance that is today elusive in the State. We must NOT allow a one-off ‘porridge’ of today deny us and our people developmental governance of possible 8 years. Ohun tó n tán l’eégún ọdún. Ọmọ alágbàá n bọ̀ wá á fi àkàrà jẹ̀’kọ. Òkè is better. Òkè is preferred. Òkè is OKAY!

Lead Consultant
The Think-Tinubu Initiative (3TI)

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