All Senators Received N200 Million as Constituency Projects Except 10 Leaders – Ndume

Not all Senators receive the same amount for constituency projects. I have secured over ₦200 million for such projects as the Senate Chief Whip, Ali Ndume.

Ali Ndume, the Senate’s Chief Whip, has mentioned that each Senator is allotted N200 million for constituency projects. However, he and 9 other Senators received amounts exceeding that limit.

Ndume addressed the assertion made by Agom Jarigbe Jarigbe, the Senator representing Cross River North, regarding the alleged allocation of N500 million to certain senior Senators in the 2024 budget.

He said, “All Senators have N200 million as constituency projects but I am a leader, that’s the difference. 10 of us are leaders including the ones in the opposition. They get more than the floor members, it’s normal.

“In those days that decision is taken by the Senators, but now the floor members entrusted that to the presiding officers. So most of the floor members  don’t know what I get, but my colleagues no that I got more than the N200 million, its normal. We are not all the same, all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others”.

He contended that in the United States as well, discretionary powers are granted for constituency projects.

“Right now, democrats have the majority, so they have more. In the Senate, we are very nice to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senators despite the fact they didn’t treat us the same”.

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