CAN Disapproves FIRS Easter Advert, Demands Apology Over Derogatory Comment

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has expressed huge disapproval of the Easter advert released by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) during the Easter celebration. CAN firmly requested an apology from FIRS in response to the advertisement.

The advertisement clear bore a picture of a POS machine with the caption: “Jesus paid your debt, not your taxes.”

In a statement issued on behalf of the association by its National Director for National Affairs and Social Welfare, Prophet Commodore Abimbola Ayuba (rtd), CAN acknowledged being made aware that the FIRS had issued an Easter message that generated considerable public backlash among Christians.

“It is with a profound sense of duty to national unity and respect for religious sentiments that we address the controversial statement “Jesus paid your debt, not your taxes” circulated by the FIRS.

“As a nation that prides itself on religious harmony and peaceful coexistence, we are deeply concerned by the recurrence of provocative messages around religious holidays.

“This year, a public institution, which should be the bastion of exemplary conduct, has been implicated in disseminating content that is widely regarded as offensive and derogatory to the Christian faith.

“Such messages not only threaten the delicate fabric of our national unity but also undermine the efforts of countless Nigerians working towards fostering mutual respect among diverse religious groups.

“The Easter period, a time of solemn reflection and sacred observance for Christians, should not be juxtaposed with civic obligations in a manner that trivializes or mocks core religious beliefs”.

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