FAAN Heightens Security on Illicit Activities at Airports, Sets Fine, Prosecution for Violators

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is taking a tough stance against illicit activities at airports around Nigeria. In a recent memo, FAAN announced a significant increase in security measures to deter and apprehend individuals or organizations involved in such activities.

The memo, signed by Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku, MD/CE of FAAN, emphasizes the agency’s commitment to tackling this ongoing trend. Likewise, FAAN will be amplifying the activities of the Aviation Security (AVSEC) and Air Force task force at all Nigerian airports against illicit activities at airports. 

Kuku also announced plans to establish magistrate courts at the international airports to expedite the legal process for prosecuting offenders. Kuku has also appointed Director of Special Duties, Mr. Henry Agberibe as chairman of the taskforce to spearhead the initiative.

Meanwhile, the authorities will commence the clampdown on Monday, June 24th, 2024. The memo states, “Any individual or organization caught violating, touting, loitering, or conducting illicit activities will be prosecuted and fined.”

Mrs. Kuku warned all airport personnel that strict disciplinary action would be taken against any of them found engaging in illicit practices. Furthermore, she stressed that all airport personnel must display their on-duty card prominently for easy identification and accountability.

Touting – A Threat to Travelers

Touting is a common concern at airports, where individuals approach passengers to offer unsolicited services such as transportation, accommodation, tours, or luggage assistance. However, these individuals often operate without authorization and target unsuspecting travelers. 

Beyond the inconvenience, touts can pose a significant threat to travelers. They may overcharge for services, engage in fraudulent activities, or even present safety risks by providing unreliable services. In some cases, touts may be scammers or thieves.

To safeguard themselves, travelers are advised to seek services only from official airport kiosks, authorized transportation providers, and reputable companies. By utilizing legitimate services, travelers can ensure a safe and secure airport experience.

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