FEC Grants Approval for Installation of Power Equipment, More Energy Sources to Enhance Electricity Supply – Adelabu

The Minister of Power, Adelabu Adebayo, announced that the FEC has given the green light for the installation of earthing, reactor, and emergency equipment in the sector to enhance power generation, transmission, and distribution in the country.

Mr. Adebayo emphasized that these contracts will play a crucial role in enhancing power sector reforms, minimizing downtime, and enhancing electricity accessibility for Nigerians.

He mentioned that the contract would also focus on addressing the deterioration of infrastructure in the power sector, a longstanding issue causing inefficiencies in power distribution and transmission.

According to him, the council has also given its approval to the ministry’s plan to incorporate additional energy sources such as solar and wind to enhance the effectiveness of the national grid.

He mentioned that solar power is expected to remain prevalent in regions with abundant sunshine, while wind energy will be incorporated along the southern coastal areas.

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