FG Limits Maximum Speed on Third Mainland Bridge to 80km/hr

The maximum speed allowed on Third Mainland Bridge has been limited to 80km/hr by FG.

During a interview with TVC News, Olukorede Kesha, who serves as the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, shared details on this topic. She also emphasized the steps being taken to avoid improper use of the bridge and reduce the risk of accidents.

Kesha highlighted the strategic placement of speed limit signs along the bridge to notify drivers of the specified speed limit. Additionally, she noted the Lagos State Government’s plan to introduce speed cameras for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the speed limit.

“To avoid loss of lives, designed speed limit for the Third Mainland Bridge have been installed and it is 80km /hr.

“In conjunction with the Lagos State Government, speed limit cameras would be installed to catch anyone overspeeding on the bridge,” Kesha said.

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