Kaduna: Bandits Kidnapped Over 150 LEA Primary School Students in Kuriga

More than 150 students have reportedly been taken by bandits from LEA Primary School in Kuriga, located in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

The incident took place at approximately 8am on Thursday within the school grounds, with the head teacher and other staff said to be among those affected.

Three months ago, in the same village, a tragic incident occurred where a School Principal lost his life and his wife was abducted.

A couple of years ago, the Junior & Secondary schools were moved to facilities within Kuriga town from their previous location outside the town due to safety issues.

However, according to Head Teacher Sani Abdullahi, bandits have abducted a total of 287 students from the LEA Primary and Secondary School in Kuriga

He disclosed that he had been one of the individuals abducted, but managed to break free with a group of students.

As per Abdullahi, a total of 187 students from the high school division and 125 from the elementary division were taken, but fortunately 25 of them managed to make their way back.

He further disclosed that a member of a vigilante group who tried to save the victims tragically lost their life and has now been laid to rest.

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