MainOne Predicts Internet Disruption Caused by Submarine Cable Cut to Continue for Three Weeks

Yesterday, MainOne, a company offering digital infrastructure services in West Africa, announced that the repair of its undersea submarine cables could potentially take around three weeks.

On Thursday, there were significant disruptions to undersea submarine cables, impacting internet connectivity across key areas of the continent.

MainOne has informed that, according to a statement, there may be an extra two to three weeks of transit time needed for a vessel to collect the spare parts of submarine cables and journey from Europe to West Africa.

“the fault occurred due to an external incident that resulted in a cut on its submarine cable system, in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Cote D’Ivoire, along the coast of West Africa”.

“We have a maintenance agreement with Atlantic Cable Maintenance and Repair Agreement (ACMA) to provide repair services for the submarine cable.

“First identify and assign a vessel, the vessel has to retrieve the necessary spares required for repair, and then sail to the fault location to conduct the repair work.

“Next, in order to complete the repair, the affected section of the submarine cable will have to be pulled from the seabed onto the ship where it will be spliced by skilled technicians.”

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