MultiChoice Loses One Million Subscribers, Reverts to Old Prices for DSTV, GOTV After Court Order

South Africa TV Company, MultiChoice has reverted to its old subscription prices on DSTV and GOTV following a court order.

It will be recalled that MultiChoice had previously increased its prices, but the court ruled that the hike was unjustified.

According to reports, the company has lost over a million subscribers in Nigeria due to the price increase.

The price hike was implemented to align with market realities following high inflation in Nigeria and the naira’s devaluation.

The old prices are as follows: DStv Premium package:
N29,500 (down from N37,000); DStv Compact+ package:
N19,800 (down from N25,000); DStv Compact Bouquet:
N12,500 (down from N15,700); DStv Confam package:
N7,400 (down from N9,300); DStv Yanga package: N4,200 (down from N5, 100); DStv Padi package: N2,950 (down from N3,600).

GOtv subscribers will also see a reduction in prices, which is as follows: GOtv Super+ package: N12,500 (down from N15,700); GOtv Super package: N7,600 (down from N9,600); GOtv Max package: N5,700; GOtv Joli package: N3,950; GOtv Jinja package: N2,700 (down from N3,300).

It is not clear if MultiChoice will also offer a month-free subscription as ordered by the court. However, the company has vowed to challenge the court order, saying it does not favour its business model.

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