N30 Trillion Ways and Means Probe Panel Discovers Emefiele Authorized Billion of Naira to 13 Locations

During the Ways and Means probe that involved N30 trillion, the panel discovered that Emefiele authorized billions of naira in 13 different locations.

“The Committee of Governors ought to be the signatory to the ways and means account, but in the document we have here, the governor (Emefiele) signed billions of naira in about 13 places.”

The ad hoc committee investigating the allocation and utilization of the N30 trillion Ways and Means loan acquired by the former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration from the CBN has identified certain irregularities in obtaining the loan.

During a meeting with the CBN team, led by Deputy Governor Bala Bello, Isah Jibrin, Chairman of the Committee, shared this information on Tuesday in an engaging session.

Mr. Jibrin expressed that the former Governor of the CBN, Godwin Emefiele, signed off on billions of naira for various loan tranches without adhering to the required due process.

The committee chairman did not provide a specific total for the billions of naira approved by Mr. Emefiele. He mentioned that the former CBN governor signed the money illegally across 13 documents.

“We want to know the total figure of the ways and means. We want to know the summation of the figure,”

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