Ndume Criticizes Recently Renovated Chamber Lacking Up to Date Facilities

On Tuesday’s plenary session, Senator Ndume criticized the recently renovated chamber, highlighting the absence of electronic voting facilities, inadequate sound quality, cramped seating, among other issues.

He said, “Mr President, I rise to make disturbing observations on this supposedly renovated chamber through order 42 that deals with personal privileges.

“Since day one, precisely last week Tuesday when we moved into this Chamber that supposed to have been renovated, there have been complaints here and there.

“First was on sitting arrangements, followed by echoing of voices by microphones that are even not audible. No voting device, required facilities not yet provided.

“We need to correct all these anomalies for the Hallowed Chamber to be what it supposed to be.”

In his reply, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the President of the Senate, concurred with Ndume, acknowledging that the remarks were duly recognized and the point of order was upheld.

He clarified to Ndume that concerns regarding seating arrangements among Senators have been nearly completely resolved, and also pointed out that the renovation contract was not approved by the 10th National Assembly.

“This is not our contract and not even National Assembly contract but that of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), the landlord of the National Assembly Complex.

“Observations on inadequacies in the renovated chamber, are welcome from time to time for required perfection but what we should be aiming at in the long run, is for us, as federal lawmakers, to have proper autonomy on the National Assembly Complex and not continue as tenants of FCDA,” he said.

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