Our Gallant Soldiers Were Not Trained To Be Slaughtered Like Rams – Onoh

… Provide the butchers of our Soldiers within 24hrs or vacate the abattoir — Onoh tells Delta Community

President Bola Tinubu’s former spokesman in the south east, Dr. Josef Onoh and current Chairman of Forum of former members of Enugu State House of Assembly (FOF-MENHA) has advised the Okuama community in Delta State to provide the suspects who killed soldiers that were on peace mission in the community with 24hrs.

Onoh said that the suspects were not millitants but well-known members of the community, and no such atrocious cruel assassination of our brave and gallant officers could have been carried out without the active participation of the entire community which by implication it would be in the best interest of the community to surrender them to the federal government.

He also faulted the Amnesty International for it’s inability to condenm the dastard act where Nigeria security agents on peace-keeping were slaughtered and dicapitated like rams by natives for no good cause.

Onoh said that the killings was not just a communal clash but a threat to peaceful coexistence and internal security of the Nation. The people of Okuama community commited atrocious and willful slaughtering of our gallant officers of the Nigerian army and their actions are worse than what was witnessed during the Civil War. Even at the point of the civil war they showed respect for fallen soldiers. They have not only assaulted the Nigerian army but they have declared war on Nigeria and every single Nigerian. Our brave men and women of the army and all sister enforcements agencies were not trained to be slaughtered like rams. They have sowed the wind and must reap the whirlwind.

The aftermath of endsars ushered a new generation of criminals that went on a rampage killing police officers without reason and until we say enough is enough, we all will be at their mercy.

He also wondered why there is always a case of civilian population striking against the security agents whenever a southerner becomes the Nigeria President, citing the case of the Odi massacre during the Olusegun Obasanjo regime, president Jonathan’s regime and now President Bola Tinubu’s regime. But i promise those characters that have contributed to undermine the Tinubu led administration that we learnt from the mistakes of the Jonathan’s administration and I assure them that this nation isn’t Haiti. We will not negotiate with terrorist from any quarters but we will ensure that the sovereignty and unity of Nigeria remains intact at all cost. Let me remind the Chief of Army staff that earlier this year Israel Defense Forces had launched a retaliation and investigation into the “disaster” that led to the deaths of 21 soldiers in Gaza. The rest is history.

Last month February U.S. began strikes to retaliate for drone attack that killed 3 American soldiers in Iraq and Syria against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups. The Biden administration called it a “multi-tiered” response to a deadly drone attack that killed three American soldiers.

U.S. forces struck more than 85 targets associated with the IRGC’s elite Quds Force and affiliated militias. Hence I urge the Nigerian army to respond accordingly.

In 2016, France retaliated for killing of its troops in Libya with intense raids, airstrikes were conducted by French warplanes in Jilidiya district. “The airstrikes were in retaliation for the killing of 2 French special forces troops in the helicopter downing in Magrun

Finally no ethnic group from any quarter in Nigeria can distabilise the current administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, enough is enough.

We must learn the necessary lessons and do everything to preserve the lives of our brave men and women of our armed forces,” it’s time to return the favour and restore sanity. It’s time to protect the lives and properties of innocent Nigerians and residents, it’s time to put an end to acts of sabotage against the administration of President Bola Tinubu and if wisdom and caution isn’t applied by these disgruntled elements, be assured that the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led administration will prove to these characters that Nigeria isn’t Haiti!

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