Oyo: Abass Agboworin and the Unrepentant Equivocators, Part 1 || Aderemi Akande

They have come out once again using their usual stock in trade – Propaganda, to weave tissues of lies against Hon Abass Agboworin in continuation of their needless efforts to put out furnace with a punny fart.

We should have sent them to conventry as we are fully aware of their devilish plots to build the pyramids upside down by looking for cheap and illogical reasons to add flesh to their boneless steak, but we want to put the record straight for the sake of the prosperity and also those who may glibly take their mendacious fabrications hook, line and sinker.

Vividly, Honourable Agboworin has secured the mandate of his constituents to represent them, he didn’t seek, he was sought and he is serving the public, not just to kowtow to the vested interests of the minority group who want to be the proverbial payers of the pipers that will be dictating tunes to him.

The malcontents are possibly irked by the level of transparency, divine wisdom without dictation, prudence, efficient team performance, humility and other Cardinal virtues which are propelling factors for the Honourable’s astronomical success.

Wiythout wasting time on their wishy-washy write up without substance, let me just go straight to deflate their sweet lies one after the other.

Funnilly enough, they accused Hon Agboworin a two timer in the Federal house of Representatives and Vice Chairman, House Committee on Airforce, of lacking the wherewithal to serve and making use of qualified people from his constituency rather politicians to fill up positions. May I quickly ask if those he employed are not Nigerians, or they dropped from Pluto or another Galaxy?

They also stated that beneficiaries of his employment scheme who he randomly selected were picked out of favouritism… What an arrant nonsense!

Before they keep firing their shots in the dark by wrongfuly labelling the Honourable of collecting kickbacks before spreading empowerment scheme, l urge the accusers to redirect their attention to both serving Counsellors from Ward one in the South East and his counterparts from ward 6 in Ibadan North East local government who had been suspected for milking the public before they can assess various Agboworin’s empowerment programmes.

It is also instructive that the Hon Agboworin ‘s Palliative-rice was distributed to the Muslim community in both Ibadan South and North East under the watchful eyes of the Aare Musulumi of the Yoruba, while the Christians got their own from the CAN office.

Educational materials were equally distributed to primary schools across the two local governments in a public glare at Lagelu Grammar School, Agugu, Ibadan in the presence of the Honourable Commissioner for Education in Oyo state. Other programmes, which will be mentioned in another auspicious time were all done in the open and the list of beneficiaries of the programmes shows they cut across people from the constituency.

Another misdirected shot was that Honourable Honourable Agboworin procured buses for the use of hospitals, this is highly erroneous. Probably they got blinded by mischief for their failure to differentiate between “Mobile medical vehicles” also known as, mobile Clinics, with the purpose of rapid response to the constituents health care and “Stationary ambulance” meant for Specific Hospitals. Hon Agboworin provided the ambulances not for the use of two hospitals, as they glibly claimed, but as “Mobile clinics” for the constituents.

Unfortunately, the rabble rousers didn’t accuse him of not facilitating road projects but they said one lead to his father’s house at Academy as if his father is the only resident in the Community? What an infantile thinking.

My golden piece of advice is for the propagandists is to wait for verifiable facts to nail the Honourable or maintain a golden silence for ever, as they will have to wait till eternity…

Comrade Akande writes in from Ibadan.

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