Oyo: Let’s Celebrate ‘The Political Warrior’ Hon Abiodun Ekolo, As the Quiescent Achiever Adds New Age Today

Hon Abiodun Ekolo bestrides political landscape like a collosus, because of his extraversion qualities and stellar performance as former Ibadan South-East Local Government Chairman, his rise in politics sphere has been meteoric.

He is not just an opportunistic feather weight politician, but one who has painstakingly learned through the rope and still climbing to a greater height.

His political records is crafted in gold and he is referred to in many quarters as “A man of the people”. His benevolent politics of service and commitment to a spreading dividends of democracy has earned him the Sobriquet of “Ekolo ere” – a man who practices gainful politics to all.

He is like Odili in the satirical novel by Chinua Achebe published in 1966 – “Man of the People” who is a symbol of a changing generation.

The strongest features of a warrior goes beyond his physical frame, Abiodun Ekolo is a political warrior who embodies, humility, respect, resilience and absolute trust in God.

Today is his birthday, let’s celebrate and wish him many happy returns .


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