Power: Eko Disco Fires CEO, Chiefs over NERC Directive

The Board of Eko Electricity Distribution Company has removed Dr. Tinuade Sanda from her position as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.

In a letter signed by the company’s Chairman, Dere Otubu and seen by Nairametrics, the company explained that the decision was due to a directive from the industry regulator, NERC.

“We have received a directive from NERC stating that all staff working for the utility must be employed directly by the utility, bound by applicable service conditions that are applicable to the employees of the utility, and paid through the utility’s payroll.

The Disco is obligated to comply with these directives due to the powers of NERC as stipulated in the Electricity Act 2023. In compliance with the aforementioned directive, all seconded staff from WPG Ltd are being released by Eko Electricity Distribution Plc and returned to WPG Ltd.

Accordingly, you are hereby relieved of your role, office, and position at Eko Electricity Distribution Plc effectively immediately, and returned to your employer, WPG Ltd.”

Nairametrics also obtained a copy of the letter from NERC titled ‘Alleged Ghost Workers In Eko Electricity Distribution Company – Call For Investigation’, wherein it instructed the distribution company to “ensure all existing WPG secondees involved in the loss of revenue to EKEDC in this matter are withdrawn back to WPG,” indicating that all WPG staff seconded to Eko DisCo should be removed.

WPG is the core investor in Eko DisCo.

Nairametrics understands that other executives in the company who were seconded from WPG were also affected by the directive.

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