Power Sector: Bisi Olopoeyan is an Attention Seeker, Political Illiterate – Says Integrity Group

It’s imperative for people of Oyo State to be wary of some politicians who have no integrity in their dealings and political life styles.

The Integrity Group of Oyo State, chaired by Adewale Olaoluwa made the call after carefully watching the interview granted by the self-aclaimed political leader, Alhaji Adebisi Olopoeyan while reacting to some state an national issues.

The widely spread interview, conducted by one Ibadan based broadcaster, Ajibola Akinyefa further exposed the ignorance and praise singing style of Alhaji Adebisi Olopoeyan to seek attention of those in position of authorities.

According to the Integrity Group, the just concluded local government election is a shame to Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYOSIEC) and the State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde as the exercise was characterized by series of irregularities and strategic delay of electoral materials to the strong hold of the opposition and nothing was done about it.

“It’s not a surprise for someone like Olopoeyan, who is claiming to be leader of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP ) in southwest to quickly accept the outcome of the local government elections in Oyo State despite the irregularities during the poll.”

“Someone like Alhaji Olopoeyan should not be taken seriously because the interview is a self sponsored one and nothing reasonable or meaningful could have come out of the discussion but rather a foul smelling gustatory exercise in futility.” Integrity Group said.

The Integrity group reiterated that the issue of power sector beyond putting an electrical engineer in the helms of affairs but it required a collective efforts towards sanitizing the most difficult sector to manage in Nigeria.

The group noted that over 48 individuals from different fields of human endeavors have served as the Minister of Power, while Adebayo Adelabu is gradually making moves to bring the much needed development to the sector. He is definitely the game-changer the sector needed at a time like this.

“Tinubu administration has intensified efforts to ensure there’s constant electricity in the country through various reforms but it will take time before these efforts will materialize. What we are concerned is for the federal government and ministry of power to fast track different strategic moves with Siemens and other companies towards ensuring a constant electricity so that Nigerians can enjoy maximum dividend of democracy in the sector”, the group stated.

The Integrity Group of Oyo State led by Adewale Olaoluwa urged people of the state not to take any statement coming out from Alhaji Adebisi Olopoeyan too serious because of his life style and bad political antecedents.

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