The Moment Better Half is a Better Light; Congratulations to Oyo State First Lady on her Birthday || Isiaka Kehinde

Her Excellency, Mrs Tamunomini Makinde, is furtive to a fault. Her reserved lifestyle will make those who believe in ” big themselves up”hide their faces in  utter shame.  As Samuel  Butler says, “the truest characters of ignorance are vanity ,pride and arrogance.” He is very correct. Arrogance is a sign of inferiority.

It’s worthy of note that even before she became the first lady ,  She was as cool as cucumber,  She is till date. it took me much  time to ferret her out as the shoulder that carries load for her visibly rich husband. ”  She lives a life without any extremes,” one that is free of what the ancient philosophers call ” the burden of regret.” She would be in her residence then, and I still would be asking people about her. She mixes freely with people and relates with all without putting her heads up.

Her quiescent lifestyle reminds one of the story of the Christ in the Bible which states why the humility made it difficult to  separate him from other disciples until Judas addressed him as ” Master” to reveal his identity to the Sanhedrin at Gethsemane.  The moral of the story is that humility is a queen of all virtues. Mrs Tamunomini Makinde is truly humble  and supportive.

The ethics of care , selflessness, and  compassion mark her out as a practical example of Kantian ‘s “Doctrine of life,” which essentially centres on
“the duty of love to other people”

She is truly supportive of the governor, and she makes no bone about this. She is more Ibadan than the indigenes considering her love and contributions to the  growth of the Pacesetter state.

I celebrate Mrs Tamunomini Makinde today, especially  being a day she climbs another ladder of life. I wish Her Excellency a celebration that is as extraordinary as her personality.  May she never know a better last year. Happy birthday, ma.

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