Tinubu to Review Cabinet Performance Evaluation this Week

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is anticipated to review the performance evaluations of his cabinet members this week.

The Administration will commemorate its first anniversary next week, while the ministers will reach their nine-month mark in office tomorrow, having taken their oaths of office on August 21st the previous year.

“The President may receive the first year performance evaluation of the ministers, advisers and even strategic departments /agencies.

“The CDCU has subjected the ministers and others to a quarterly assessment.

“From the outset, the ministers signed a performance bond. And the bond will determine their fate.

“There was also a Citizens’ Delivery Tracker App used to monitor the performance of the ministers and their portfolios. Nigerians’ verdict may also count too.

“But whatever is the eventual decision on the ministers, it is the prerogative of the President.”

“It has been based on the eight priority areas of the President. They are already aware of the key indices.” A source told The Nation.

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