Construction of Coastal Roads Has Potential to Enhance Value of Naira – Dave Umahi

The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi has expressed the federal government readiness to further embark on the construction of the coastal roads with a high potential to promote foreign investment and enhance the value of the national currency.

“We talked about our economy, that it needs foreign investments.

“These roads are going to be constructed with concrete pavements and it’s CPC+ F, which means that there is foreign investment that will come in and this foreign investment will strengthen and stabilise the naira.” Umahi stated.

“I’m very happy that the President has directed me to begin the design of one of the spurs linking to this coastal routes and that is the Sokoto-Badagry which was conceived by the President Shagari administration.

“It’s going to connect the ongoing routes, Lagos-Badagry routes that is being done by the federal government and state government.

“There is also another route which is the Enugu-Abakaliki-Ogoja-Cameroun-African Trans-Sahara routes. The coastal routes is also going to connect.

“The Sokoto-Badagry is 1,000 kilometre from the spur of the Trans-Saharan trade routes down to Apo in Abuja is 461 kilometre.” the Minister added.

“It means that anyone that is travelling from Sokoto to Lagos will do it in about 10 hours and travelling from South-East to Abuja, will do it in a maximum of about five hours.

“These are the benefits of the coastal routes.’’ Umahi concluded.

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