Monday Reflections: It’s Time to Empathize with Ibadan Circular Road Demolition Victims || Aderemi Ogundele

At a time like this, it is good to show to others that we care for them. Our brothers, sisters, daddies, mummies and friends are out there in pains. They are right now experiencing a deep sense of loss occasioned by the demolition of their property. Some are still living in palpable fear and serious tension, awaiting the time it will get to their turn. In a situation like this, only a sadist would be insensitive to the plights of those that are losing their homes to injustice and absolute high-handedness of the power that be.

It is no news any longer that the bulldozers mandated by Gov. Seyi Makinde to clear the way for the Ibadan Circular Road have commenced the operations since. And despite all the pleas, protests and emissaries sent to appeal to the conscience of His Excellency, nothing positive seems to be coming out of it. In fact, the victims are already counting their losses.

Today’s write-up is empathy focused. However, the violators of people’s rights may be given some little knocks. This, they actually deserve. The mood at the scene of the demolition is pathetic and pitiful. Many houses as we speak are forcefully obeying the law of gravity in the most destructive manners courtesy the the heavy machinery deployed to the place to perform the job. To say the obvious, one needs to visit the place to see the enormity of distress that people are passing through.

The most painful aspect of it are the houses belonging to the vulnerable. These people managed to build one or two rooms on a plot of land. In some cases, it is on the half a plot of land just to have a place to lay their heads. They are the ordinary people in the society. They are the ones that actually need help in the real sense of the word considering the economic hardship of today. But unfortunately, these are the people at “war’ with the government that supposed to protect their interest most.

The insinuation that late Senator Abiola Ajimobi concluded the demolition documents while in office is a lie from the pit of hell. This is reportedly coming from Gov Seyi Makinde and his talebearers. They are only searching for lame excuses to justify their bad intentions. Thanks to goodness that the people have refused to swallow the shit from them.

Let the governor summon up the courage to take responsibility for his actions. What is it that late Senator Abiola Ajimobi did that GSM has not undone or tinkered with? Maybe the Oyo State Anthem and of course, the State logo created by the immediate past governor.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi conducted the local government election, but Gov Seyi Makinde truncated it and sent the democratically elected Chairmen and Councilors packing on the very first day of his tenure in office. Late Abiola Ajimobi commenced the construction of the circular road without having any issues whatsoever with the people, but GSM terminated it with reckless abandon and introduced controversy into it. The Koseleri governor, late Senator Abiola Ajimobi reformed the Ibadan Chieftaincy law, crowned and elevated some Oba, but Mr Governor reversed it and thereafter reestablished it only to vindicate the one we call Sheuuuuuu at last.

Somebody, somewhere should help us to inform Gov Seyi Makinde to be a man and take responsibility for the unjust demolition of people’s property instead of shifting blame. The ongoing demolition exercise is his pet project. Simple, and no buck passing!

Let it be said for the umpteenth time that 500 metres setback on the both sides of the road is not only unacceptable but indefendable at all. It is absolutely unfair because it was never a part of the blueprint of the Ibadan Circular Road abinitio. It is nothing short of a reckless manner of employing one’s privilege position and power to dispossess the rightful owners of their land. Anybody that has a property outside the initial 150 metres setback is the bonafide owner till tomorrow.

Let the truth be said to the power !

B. Aderemi Ogundele

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