Paradox of an Outshined Master, Part 2 || Comrade Aderemi Akande

Jealousy they say is like an open wound which can’t be easily concealed once it fosters by who carries it. It’s often borne out of comparison with other persons rising profile but one thing that’s crystal clear is that the sweetness of honey can not become loathsome because of petty rivalry.

And expectedly the leader has put up some writers to discredit the Honourable and aim to shoot down his flying kite in a mission to nowhere.

The paid writers line up the street to taint the people choice with a scandalous tar to whip up sentiments. They accused Agboworin of vaunted arrogance and flagrant disregard for leadership. I may venture to ask, when do they begin to notice that negative trait, or may I ask were they coerced to climb the mountain top earlier to drum support for the same man in his election periods? What has suddenly changed the taste of the pudding, when was the apple turned awry?

They accused the Honourable of squandering the common wealth to curry favour on social media which according to them bespeaks a moral laxity thus reprehensible. Even a nit wit will know they are merely giving a dog a bad name to hang it. One politician who does not need to buy public’s acclamation is Hon Agboworin, he has rather used disperse dividends of democracy to them , earn their applause , thus got reported in the media without spending a dime. We challenged them to name receivers of bribe from Agboworin to launder his image on Social media and provide open evidence?

Do a” Vox pop” today to feel the pulses of electorates in Ibadan South and North East , it will be inundated with positive response and total confidence they repose on Hon Agboworin who has through lots of extraordinary performance being making them proud.

They want to blacklist Hon Agboworin of biting the fingers that once toiled for him to emerge. This is highly ridiculous because both leaders and followers in his constancy are totally enamoured of his achievements and commend his ‘Omoluabi’ attitude towards them. Let the mischievous writers mention just two of such leaders who felt betrayed by Hon Agboworin?

They also pointed their accusing fingers on the Honourable for giving palliative to whom its rightfully meant? It’s now apparent where their grouse lay. They want the Honourable to neglect the public that voted him enmasss and divert the palliative to their inner sanctum to placate their greed in order to get their support that will not go beyond the four walls of their compounds? A big misslip!

Needless to say, we are in democratic dispensation and the first Cardinal law of democracy by people’s representatives is ability to put smiles on the faces of the constituents.

It’s people-oriented rather than to flaunt an individual or a specific group’s ego. It’s aimed to alleviate the suffering among various classes and give them a sense of belonging.

This exactly what is lost on those disparaging Hon Agboworin and why the public will always stand staunchly behind their own man, no matter the attempts to pull him down.

Watch out for part 3

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