Nigerian Army Kills Northern Infamous Bandit Leader, Dogo Gide

The infamous bandit leader Dogo Gide, who was causing a lot of terror in the North, is dead. His reign of terror has finally come to an end.

Dogo Gide passed away as a result of gunshot injuries sustained during a clash with Operation Hadarin Daji (OPHD) forces.

The encounter took place in the challenging landscape of Madada forest within the Maru local government area on March 12, 2024.

Despite suffering serious injuries, Dogo Gide was said to have been covertly taken to a hospital in Mabera, Sokoto, Sokoto State, where he eventually passed away.

Dogo Gide, a notorious fugitive sought for his series of heinous crimes in the area, was laid to rest in Dandalla Village on March 24.

His appearance at the hospital was supposedly made easier by a security official who is currently detained, prompting concerns about potential cooperation within the security forces.

The successful elimination of Dogo Gide represents a notable achievement for the Nigerian security forces, showcasing the collaborative endeavors of 1 Division and 8 Division of the Nigerian Army.

Dogo Gide has a history of involvement with ANSARU and other significant terrorist organizations. He has been linked to serious crimes including the shooting down of a military helicopter in the Dansadau-Birmin Gwari region and the kidnapping of students from Federal Government College Yauri.

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