Open Letter to those Boiling for War with Rep Member, Abass Agboworin, in his Constituency

A social political organisation in Ibadan named the Peoples Frontiers (PF) has issued a stern warning to those political hirelings who are battle ready to besmirch the reputation of Honourable Abass Agboworin and are threatening fire and brimstone to pull him down.

Rising from its meeting on Monday, the PF on behalf of its Secretary, Comrade Aderemi Akande, issued out an advice alert that, “on no account will the group tolerate any action by any individual or Splinter group aimed at throwing barbs to even a political score. We are utterly amazed that rather than addressing notable weaknesses of whom they call “Leader” who can’t do anything for a toffee, they are busy chasing shadows”.

Comrade Aderemi Akande noted that there are proven evidence that some enemies of progress who are billed by the rising profile and public acclamation of Abass Agboworin are set to pick the gauntlet with the rising star for no reason other than vainglory of an expired politician”.

Describing Agboworin as a stonecold gentleman, who could not swot a fly but fixated on how to make meaningful impacts on the good people of his constituents, the release however advised the malcontents to direct their spleen on something else, look for other soft targets and allow the Honourable gentleman to concentrate on his avowed mission to bring the dividends of democracy to its constituents.

The release however called on those glorifying themselves as “veterans” in politics with enough experience to rock the boat with their smear campaign to desist from the self delusion or prepare to face the wrath of the majority voters who are pleased with and will continue to give their rep member a clean bill of health with massive votes anytime.

Comrade Aderemi Akande
Pointers Frontiers (PF)

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